The New Internet

The New Internet

The new internet means freedom.  Freedom at last!  You might wonder, “Freedom from what?”  How about the following:

  • Freedom from being banned/restricted online 
  • Freedom from having your data harvested by private companies in bed with politicians who utilize the power of their orifices to do the bidding of their financiers 
  • Freedom from being spied on by state actors
  • Freedom from hackers and cyber attacks
  • Perhaps, most importantly, the freedom to express yourself the way you see fit and the freedom to access the information that you want.  In other words, freedom of speech.  Imagine that!

The push to decentralize the web is nothing new, but it has gained momentum since 2016, when President Donald Trump was elected and Big Tech companies immediately began silencing and suppressing ‘disidents’ of orthodoxy corporate media ideas and talking points.

The Problem with the Current Centralized Internet

All technology can be used either for good or bad.  Take nuclear bombs, for example.  Nuclear bombs can cause untold devastation or they can power our cities.  Right now, the internet depends on Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other big players for the Internet to work.  However, this is not how the Internet was originally built, and, sadly, the amazing technologies that power the web are being exploited and used against us!

Whether you are a tech entrepreneur or an ordinary citizen, your freedom, your privacy, and your rights should be central to your priorities.  The New Internet will make it possible for Internet users to realize these rights, but the Internet that we have now impedes on these rights in every which way.  Just think about all of the ways that this happens in addition to the suppression of speech and expression that we already mentioned:

  • Amazon’s Alexa has been exposed as a spy device
  • Have you ever noticed that if you perform a search online for, say, sunglasses, and then, right on cue (usually instantly), you see an add for sunglasses on Instagram
  • Facebook has been exposed for reading its users’ messages

Indeed, we are just scratching the surface, but the fact is undeniable.  The current web is betraying us!  The web is spying on us.  Something has gone terribly wrong, and the trends are not promising!  That is why the New Internet is so important, and it is why we take it very seriously with the products and services that we offer here at Hashtag Space.

The New Internet Seeks to Diminish the Influence and Power of the Big Tech Monopolies

Part of the problem is that, just twelve years ago, no one could have foreseen the growth of Facebook, Google, and Amazon into their positions of total dominance that they occupy today.  The decentralized web is an attempt to upgrade the web technologies to curtail some of these problems.  

The current Internet only works thanks to data stored on private servers owned by various large companies.  Therefore, even if you hate Amazon and never use Amazon, odds are that many of the websites that you do use rely on Amazon’s servers.  

The New Internet is a decentralized, community-based Internet, one where data is not hoarded by these big companies.  The concept is called The New Internet, Web 3.0, The Decentralized Web, or The dWeb.

Everything we know about the Internet today, that is owned by private companies with their own views/agendas and the ability to suppress what they don’t like, could be replaced and run by communities.  This not only would give us a more fair system, but it would also be totally free for everyone.  The decentralized web solves cutting out the monopoly middlemen, and this is important because these middlemen often take a large cut of everyone’s earnings and/or their data.   These companies also get to decide who to censor  and who to promote.

How Does the New Internet Work?

The websites of a decentralized Internet are hosted on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network.  This information is distributed and stored around the world on laptops, phones, and even smart appliances.  Essentially, The New Internet is owned, operated, and shared by its users, like Napster, but for everything.

Hashtag Space and Meta Hash are at the heart of the push for a decentralized Internet,  securing venture capital funding to develop decentralized technologies for our users.  We have our own database so that we can create our own decentralized browser, social media platforms, marketing tools, and more.  We hope that you are as passionate about freedom as we are, and we hope you will support us by using our leading decentralized platform, applications, and products.  

The World Wide Web is roughly 30-years-old, and it is already past due for an update to ensure user privacy.  It is time that we finally have a web that we want to live with.  The Internet is a cultural record of our time, so why not make something great as the base level of that overall technology!