Facebook Advertising Atlanta

Facebook Advertising Atlanta

There is a big difference between the two advertising giants; Google and Facebook. Google commands a significant amount of traffic, but it does not attract avid users because it is not addictive. Facebook marketing is ideal because it helps promote services and products based on nothing else but the behavioral habits of its users. As a result, it is easier and better to get your messages across the masses, especially when you contract IMS for powerful visuals.

Benefits of Facebook advertising

Robust analytics

Top Facebook marketing in Atlanta does not have limits on the reports and analytics of different campaigns. We are proficient with different Atlanta Facebook ads and can generate and break down complex data like conversion rates, sales status, clicks, and many more. All you need to do is understand the different metrics, and you can put together any data to measure the performance. Remember that all these data will track and measure data based on different timelines, so it should be easy to keep track of the ads’ progress over the long haul.

Target audience

Facebook has acutely specific ways for you to reach your target audience. Some of these metrics include the following:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Language
  • Demographic data
  • Behavior
  • Interest

Our team has a long history of social media marketing campaigns; hence, we will easily layer and combine the metrics to target niche audiences. We aim to make sure you use the investment to reach all potential customers and influence them to purchase or interact with your brand for as long as necessary.

Objective ads

Ads are only helpful when they meet the objective of the campaign. For example, you may want an ad to raise awareness of a product and not necessarily induce more sales. Facebook advertising campaign ads help you tell a story by optimizing the message to reflect the right message and attract better responses to reach the right people.

Better reach

Most ecommerce business owners are aware that the slightest change in the campaign will have extreme effects on the brand. This ideology sounds extreme, but it is, in fact, accurate across all marketing platforms. How do we manage these campaigns to return the highest benefits?

IMS is a Facebook advertising agency that understands the frustration of algorithm changes and wants to make sure your business is always in alignment with the latest developments. We monitor the changing trends to redesign and remarket the ads as necessary, so past and future clients can keep up with the changes, using several touchpoints to put your brand in people’s feed at least three times in one day. Consequentially, people who interact with your business will gain trust and respect for the brand because they can see more people interacting and transacting with the platform.

Facebook optimization is a continuous and competitive process with intense phases of setting up and tracking the campaigns. Take a look at our online description of social media marketing, and contact us at any time so we can customize an effective campaign.


Facebook Advertising Atlanta

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Facebook Advertising Atlanta

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